From association between different actors, we aim our company to be the number 1 reference in offering a certain amount of healthcare services.


We are a company that works in partnership between the different actors that make the company up. Under an innovative business vision which seeks adding value to our customers from the first day, we surely can say: united we stand.


The company’s main goal is to bring efficiency in the services offered to the customers so that every project can reach its goal, making possible that our services are demanded over and over.


from our contributors, partners and suppliers to understand business as we do, creating an environment where “working together” makes achieving success possible.


and responsibility to identify and respond our customers’ and our company’s needs, assuming promptly the consequences of our decisions.


as a driving force of our acts that are transformed in involvement and a positive attitude which allow our company’s goals to become a reality.

In old Greek, Acribis means:

exact, accurate, careful, economical



Yaso Pharma

We rely on a sales team (at a national level) which is capable of promoting one or several products during periods starting from three months and on, that we offer to our customers in order to reinforce its sales activity.

Sales Management

We respond to every customer’s needs through implementation and ad-hoc sales team management, in primary healthcare, in specializations, in hospital environment or chemist’s offices, as well as sales point managers, consultants or trainers into different channels.

We supervise the achievement of our teams’ settled goals through our own management, and we invest a big amount of our time in monitoring the work of our contributors, as well as the established activity indicators.

Marketing, Communication and Access to the Market

We help our customers to plan strategy, communication and access to the market in its sector through the following tools:

  • • Design of the access strategy for new medicines and indications.
  • • Projects of positioning of product appealing therapeutic and economic arguments
  • • New business models.
  • • Direct marketing solutions (Geodata, Interacting, Events, e‐Mailings, Digital Communication).
  • • Healthcare Mapping of national, regional and local authorities.
  • • Identification of the influential organs at a regional and local level.
  • • Stakeholders relationships (KOL’s, Patients Associations, Scientific Societies, etc.)
  • • Product record, Price management and refund.
  • • Studies of medicine assessment and medical technology.
  • • Sociopolitical intelligence at a national and regional level (Environment knowledge).
  • • Identification of the medical expenses control policies.
  • Design of the product value dossier (Health Economics & Outcomes Research).

Healthy Field Marketing

Nowadays, it is no longer feasible to just sit and wait for the client. You have to leave your chair, go and get it. The HFM (Health Field Marketing) allows to bring closer and to establish a direct connection with the potential consumer, whereas the main goal is not forgotten: to inform about, to promote and to sell a certain amount of products. We develop strategies based on structured work teams (Task Force) in order to achieve a specific campaign or goal, obtaining highly-effective results. Services:

  • • Sales point management.
  • • Sales promoters.
  • • Hostesses service.
  • • Market audit.
  • • Special events.
  • • Promotion marketing.
  • • Animation.

Kos Calling

Call Center solutions: telemarketing, customer service, commercial reinforcement. Purchase direct product and distribution to the pharmacy. Based compensation objectives.

Hygia Temporary®

Hiring processes for healthcare companies, where flexibility, promptness, matched profiles and short-term contracts are sought.

Panacea Express

Solutions in talent attraction, hiring, training and fast-implementation advertising (1-5 days).

Talent Search

We own a large database with segmented profiles, ready to fit the sector’s needs. We also own another database that includes the active professional contacts with which we cooperate in order to offer the best solutions to our customers. And, coordinating and managing, senior consultants, connoisseurs of the sector, and a matched choosing procedure. Although we use these tools with every customer, it is critical to understand their personal needs and the kind of person that fits in their philosophy. This is essential in order to obtain the level of success required by our client.


We design and teach customized training programs to our participants, easily applicable to their positions and to the situation of the organizations which they belong.


We contribute to the decision making process, turning all the data in your company into information: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting/finance systems, external data, etc. for their exploitation and analysis.

Logistics solutions

We offer the logistics solution that better fits to the customer’s needs, and we are capable of offering a range of services covering all the steps in the medical supply chain.


Sales Point Management

We are managing a 30-people team whose main responsibility is to obtain larger product rotation on the customer’s sales point. The team is strategically distributed across all the country in order to reach the higher number of previously selected chemists. Some KPI’s are established for this project with the aim of obtaining a sellout/visit ratio equal or higher than 1. With this project, our customer has cost control, can increase its product rotation, can offer added value to its own customer, and optimizes the consumer’s flow.


Sales support

With our medical visit team we are promoting our client’s specialized products in urology, orthopedic surgery, rheumatology and primary healthcare.

This solution allows increasing its profit and loss account without pulling the promotion costs up or overcharging its own sales team. In order to perform this service we rely on the YASO PHARMA team, which is formed by experienced Medical Visit delegates who work in the regions with a bigger potential.


Interim Management

We are helping our clients to establish the company into the Spanish market:

· Coordination of several contributing companies (Health Registers and Health Surveillance, Lawyer’s offices, Distribution and logistics, Cost-effectiveness studies, etc.)

· Contacts with Health Authorities and opinion leaders.

· Price and reimbursement management (production of value dossiers) and other access to the market activities.

· Pre-marketing activities.

· Selection, organization and implementation of the sales structure.


Disclosure campaign

A client who owned a product aimed at improving the menopause symptoms entrusted us to implement, on the Menopause World Day, a promoting campaign involving the product itself, as well as increasing public awareness of this specific period in a woman’s life.

In less than a week, a certain number of hostesses, distributed strategically in the main cities in Spain, were hired through Health Field Marketing. During the Menopause World Day, each hostess delivered a diptych containing indirect promotion of the product, as well as practical tips to improve the quality of life during that period. People who fitted in the target (menopausal women) were stopped to require their personal information in order to send to them, periodically and via e-mail, information and practical tips on the menopause.

We reported the situation every hour and checked the amount of surveys filled by every hostess. At the end of the day, all the diptychs were delivered, and all the client-targeted data bases were collected.


Efficient solutions

Our client needed to bring up to date its sales team competences on its main customer’s needs, the Chemist Office. The sales team is formed by 42 salespeople who need an urgent solution to make the most of its seasonal products.

Through PANACEA EXPRESS we offered some specifically designed pills that could be immediately implemented.

Devoted to our corporate vision, we are always working in order to get the customer’s satisfaction in all the projects we are taking part. Following that, we assign a part of our benefits into financial cooperation with social and health programs developed by different foundations.



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